chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Pretty beads


It's cool to come across an image that takes you right back to a moment in time, and for a few seconds you're just as excited...hungry...whatever you were the first time.

Today I came across this purse, and someone in the family had a similar one when I was a kid:

I was young enough to think the beads looked delicious, and I remember being astounded that candy could be wasted on a purse---sewn there as a decoration, off limits.

When no one was looking I licked the beads. Ah, nothing. Must be a tasteless candy coating. So I knew I would have to break some beads off and actually bite into them, and I did. Red and yellow bead, crunch. Made a horrible sound in my mouth but did not give.

Once in my mouth I recognized that these beads were of the same substance as a checker, and if you've ever sucked on a checker (I had) you know they are extremely unsatisfying.

I was not too bright...or cute.

This was probably near the tail-end of learning that game pieces and decorations are not edible, but it hasn't stopped me from having just a little flutter of candy excitement when I see something beaded.


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