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Went to Toronto for a work thing last month. I'd have posted more about it, but I didn't get to really see the city other than the studio we visited for a couple days. The studio was Core, and it's full of talented and modest folks working on nifty things (and, holy crap, one of the owners is William Shatner!), but that's a whole other topic.

No, as usual I am zooming in on the irrelevant part of the trip, which is looking at the candy in a Canadian drugstore.

It happened to be around Easter while I was there, and I always pick up a chocolate animal for Aaron...usually a rabbit or baby chick or some other animal inexplicably connected with Easter.  Oh, but this drugstore had chocolate whales.

Actual chocolate whale, before he was devoured.

I don't know why I was surprised. What child doesn't ask for a chocolate whale?  The store also had a chocolate alligator and a chocolate HELICOPTER, the other old Easter traditions.

This is not what they looked like. They were big and cute.

Of course I got him the whale, as I have a thing for sea creatures, and I protected that big stupid larger-than-a-shoe-box package all the way home since it didn't fit in my luggage.

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