chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Hedgehogs and Hilton


I perished
today after watching this video:

How can it be so super wonderful to watch an animal have a snack?  It just is.  I mean, come on, he's smiling the whole time, and his stubby little arms don't even budge to help out. He obviously lives to entertain.


Ok, another high school picture. I scanned a few, but otherwise all of my pictures from this era are now packed away again for another twenty years:

1985-ish.  That's me in the center, but I can only think of the names of two people in this picture. I absolutely detested one of the two. I mean, I had to refrain from punching him in the face when he would appear near me. I'm sure he's grown into a nice fellar, as we were all just dumb kids, but it's funny how the annoying turds stand out forever, branding a name in your memory long after anything they ever said or did matters.  Kinda like how Paris Hilton remains famous.

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