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The Letter F


The letter F. My starting point here would be the word "f#$k," since I have such a foul mouth... but that's so predictable. 
Not going to do it.

In fact, I'm not sure I have anything for "F" at all. 
Why did I even start this alphabet? ***

Eh, the letters have been just something to get me started, and I'm not always going to stick to them. Like now, for instance, I'll be talking about my dogs and a cobra.

***Alphabet could be discontinued at any time.


F is not for Cobra

Angus and Acorn have a new dog toy, and it is a cobra. And why not, I ask?  I think it's hilarious that someone at the toy factory was thinking about what to manufacture next, and a deadly cobra came to mind---a rubber cobra with a squeaker. 

A rare moment where Angus has control of the cobra...

I don't think it's really meant to be a dog toy, which is why they only get to have it when supervised, but that makes it all the more coveted. Usually there is a particular toy that Angus flips over, while Acorn has no preferences, but Acorn has such a thing for the cobra that her personality is altered when I hand it over. She's extra aggressive, barks more often and more shrill, plays longer and harder. She's a little bit frightening.

Acorn standing over the cobra, daring Angus to take it. Angus looking away like he doesn't care. This stand-off is the resting point of all tug-o-wars.

I have watched them play with it for hours this weekend, until they both collapse.  I was on the floor trying to do some stretches, and these jackasses used me as a prop in their cobra game, leaping me like a hurdle and barking back and forth at each other across my head.

"I find this humiliating."

F is for Feeling Groovy...

Or not. 

Didn't feel well yesterday and the weather sucks, so I woke up this morning with the deepest darkest circles I've ever had, which made me laugh out-loud and then grab the camera.

Naturally goth...The rest of the face too much of a swollen horror to share.

I always have dark circles, but today was something special. I also look a little bit crazy, which usually can't necessarily be seen.

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