chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Something for the fridge.


I haven't drawn much this year at all.

Here's a picture I drew little by little during meetings when I was working in a real job setting at a building recently. I can't sit still for meetings without falling asleep or daydreaming about how I'll escape when aliens surround the building or guerillas (and/or gorillas) start charging down the hall, etc., and drawing keeps me focused... Etc is a really wide area for meeting daydreams.

This is obsessive ballpoint pen doodling, which describes the 40 pictures in That Story About The Rabbit. I can no longer even stand a the drag of a pencil except to barely sketch something out first.

Anyways, I watercolored it the other day and put the colored version on my site. That was kinda fun. I miss paints:


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