chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Acorn's Music Video


 Acorn is a very happy crazy dog, but she has many quiet moments where she seems to sulking or thinking over a loooong complicated life of woe... Well, she's thinking about somebody's hard life. Certainly not her own. 

Whenever I hear this Nico song "These Days," I see images of Acorn being somber, fall leaves, ashtrays, liquor bottles.  I think Aaron started this by singing the song and replacing "I" with "Acorn" in the lyrics on day, and that was that.  Since then I kept thinking I'd make a little music video of it, and I have lots of quick clips of her in my camera from different points in the year when I meant to do this. When I put them together today I realized you can see all four seasons in the video. 

It's messy, but was kinda fun to do. Wish I could have filmed her at a bar and in a car. (and with a fox and on a box?)

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