chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Ant Bully In My Ear

The last project I animated on was a movie called "Ant Bully," which involves some ants climbing to a boy's ear and dropping in a potion to shrink him to their size. This weekend is the movie's premiere, and later this month it hits theaters.

I don't know---I guess in honor of the movie's release an ant climbed in my ear today. I felt it in my hair, then when I brushed at it, I felt it go across and then IN my ear. I could hear it walking in there. I was taking a nap, so I kind of thought I was imagining that it happened, but every time I started to fall asleep again I could hear this strange shuffling inside my head. It really tickled too. I would sit up quickly and stay really still to listen...nothing. I'd lie back down...shuffle shuffle.

Ok, I would be really freaked out if I thought it was a spider or a big bug, but I had a feeling it was something extremely small. Or maybe I was so calm because I was half asleep. And anyways it was absolutely fascinating to be able to ACTUALLY HEAR a critter that small. When else can you hear something like that??? The scuffling in my ear sounded like a person in the room walking around in heavy boots, yet it was obvious that the sound was located near the inside my head. So strange.

Anyways, I was about to get water to flush it out, and he walked right out. The tiniest of tiny black ants.

Ya know WB is doing a shit job of promoting "Ant Bully" on tv and at the theaters, but what a sneaky publicity stunt this is---placing ants in everyone's ears across the country! Cool! Must be pretty expensive too, and here I thought all along that they didn't care.

and that's all i got to say about that.
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