chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Back from the festivities...

No, no, no... I didn't really stay off the internet to avoid all Potter-mania and book spoilers. I actually left town to attend my little sister's graduation from nursing school! I'm so proud that I was beside myself for several days after I received this picture of her in the mail wearing her old-school nurse hat.

On Friday night I drove to our hometown in Oklahoma to watch her go down an aisle in a white uniform and carrying a candle, later walking away with her diploma and looking more happy/hopeful than I have seen her since our kid days.

(She's at the bottom of this picture. Hey, the damn scanner has broken and pulled this picture at microscopic proportions---ah, can't be helped...)

She's accomplished this goal later in life after blessing the world with three awesome kiddos, and now she begins a whole new exciting phase...*sigh.* My other sister is a veterinarian, and I envy both girls' opportunities now to help people and animals on a daily basis.

I can't believe I animate for a living. I feel like such a clown sometimes in this world with so many real needs.

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