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The summer after I graduated high school I was a waitress at a pizza place. How bad of a waitress I was is a whole other story...

One day this woman who was about 80 came in by herself in the afternoon and just ordered iced tea. She was so polite and full of smiles, really cute. She said she could have tea at home but thought it would be a treat to go out to have some. I liked that she had made this into a little happy event.

I left her some tea, and came back after a few minutes to check on her. She was gone. She had left a couple dollars on the table under a salt shaker, and there was her tea, still completely full. I noticed there was a bunch of white powder at the top of her tea, and I looked at the packets next to the glass. She had accidentally put creamer in her tea instead of sugar. 

I guess she was too embarrassed to show me what she had done, or maybe she thought she would have to buy more tea (she wouldn't). Either way it was terrible. I wished I had walked by sooner so that I could make light about it and say I've done the same thing, and maybe gotten her to stay.

I know this is stupid, but 25 years later I still think about her every time I put sugar in my tea, and I still feel bad that she ran away.


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Sep. 26th, 2012 06:45 pm (UTC)
I do that kind of stuff all the time, now I am worried about that old lady.

Maybe you should write a little story and draw a picture about why she really left.
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