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Magic Tricks

I was looking for a different book but happened across this one on Ebay. It's a book of simple magic tricks.

I had this book when I was a kid (or it was my sister's), and I was really excited to see it again. I used to be fascinated and horrified by THIS BOOK. 


Because I guess I was so young (and stupid) when I read it, that I didn't have an accurate grasp on the meaning of a magic trick. I thought this book told how to ACTUALLY MAKE A F$CKING HOLE IN YOUR HAND!  WOW!

And as cool as that would be (for about five minutes), who is brave enough to do such a crazy thing for all time?!! I was a little bit afraid that if I even read about this I would find a hole in my hand.

Then there was this spooky damn handkerchief that could make coins come and go. I didn't own a handkerchief OR a coin, but I might have risked trying this one. My grandma had handkerchiefs in her drawer, but I figured those couldn't possibly be the right kind for this type of awesome feat.


Then there was this hypnotic little ghost who showed us how to write secret messages with lemon juice. Not so scary to try since I'd heard some mention of lemon ink magic on Brady Bunch, but still...that tiny ghost sitting on the lemon. Was he going to show up and help me write? Was I up for that?

Holy crap, yes, he might show up. He even had a name: Willie. The book instructed us to tell our friends we have this little ghost as a helper, which I may or may not have announced to my grade school. 

I kind of wanted him to be my friend and helper, but his eyes were unacceptable. Willie might smile a lot and still kill me in my sleep.

I wish there were more pictures from the interior of the book, as I remember some of them were more traumatizing. So I call this book a smash success. Do the tricks or don't, it still gives plenty of horrific and haunting outcomes to think about when you are barely old enough to read.


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Jun. 22nd, 2012 10:05 pm (UTC)
I HAD THIS BOOK TOO!!! Which is even cooler cause I'm in Australia!

It also freaked me out. Especially the 'extra finger' trick.
Marie Wilder Dryburg
Aug. 26th, 2012 05:18 pm (UTC)
I sooo remember this book, though I remember it being in the library at school, or perhaps on of the teacher's classroom book. But apparently you brought it from home. Thanks for reminding me of it!
Joe Windmill
Dec. 22nd, 2012 01:32 am (UTC)
I had that book as well
Hey, I had that same book when I was a kid. I remember writing in Lemon and everything - if I remember right, I put my page in the oven or something to dry it out. Not sure if I am remembering right though.
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