chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Stuff for the fridge door...

I haven't been good about posting things I made lately. At least I can't remember. Earlier I posted some clay bits I was working on....

And here it is finished:

And I made my second owl...

Then this girl and her goblin.

I tried to work on a new story, but can't get anywhere...

When I go look at children's books at the store I realize I'm so horribly out-dated, drawing in ink. Everyone is using computers, and I just seem old and stubborn.

But my full-time job is on a computer, and that's all the staring at a screen I can take for the day. Real pencils touching real paper is still the same treat as it was in kindergarten, only I really hated those big fat beginner pencils with a really dull lead...Oh, and that horrible newsprint paper in the Big Chief paper pads. Blech... And crayons. I hated crayons so much...
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