chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

Social Discomfort

I feel wildly uncomfortable in a group of people, like I'm doing/saying something wrong, like my underwear is really likely hanging out, or maybe I don't even have pants. (One time in a terrible laundry incident I actually had a pair of underwear hanging out of my sleeve, so you never know) ...There are a thousand sets of eyeballs around the room, and one mammoth eyeball is shooting a hot spotlight onto me.

The only good thing that comes from a certain strong icky feeling is that it actually brings an image to mind. I was thinking about how stupid I feel whilst socializing, and I pictured a goblin eating at a table of prim and proper folks. They would all be looking at him with disgust while he sheepishly stared at the mess he'd made.  But then when I sat to draw, it turned into this.

For some reason they are all oblivious of him, and he is comfortable and enjoying his messy meal. It is a relief.
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