chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

The Bath That Gave Me Balls


I like those bath bomb ball thingies that foam up and dissolve in the bathtub. I've given them to people as gifts, but I think I've only ever had a couple of my own over the years.

I often go in this one store that has a whole wall of them, and I pick up each of them to smell, and then I consider buying one, and then I leave. It's such a frivolous thing. I don't deserve one!

But I got two for a gift the other day from the man, and I was really excited. One smelled like chocolate, and the other was ...I don't know, like spices or something.

I used the chocolate one, and it went crazy-butt-nuts dissolving --- there was a loud hiss, and it pushed water and foam away like a little motor. Nice chocolate smell.

It was like this picture, only not a copyrighted stock photo, and there was a foam and a cream color and sound effects:

Today when I opened the other bath ball, I smelled MEN. Shaving cream, hint of some vague cologne....  Hmm. But damn I wanted watch that thing foam up, so I used it anyway. I lied to myself and said the smell would change as it lost its concentration into the water.

No, that bath ball definitely smelled like a man, baby. And now I do too. Ugh.

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