chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

What I Do With All that Free Time


This picture popped into my head early last year: A giant sheep trying to sit in a little crate, and a big red balloon.

And as I was doodling it later, details came to mind. These are two choices a kid is given at the fair when he wins a prize. "Hey, kid. Do you want this shiny red balloon, or how about this over-sized sheep?"

I decided that the kid picks the sheep, much to his mother's dismay. And then I imagined that the kid ALWAYS gets what he wants, and so now the mother will have to deal with the boy's demands AND caring for a man-sized sheep.

So that became a story, which I wrote out really messily with some bad sketches to the side...

And then it became a storyboard. A tiny tiny storyboard, with pics an inch high. If I make them bigger I get intimidated/bored with details and will jump ship...

I also like to tempt my old eyes to scream for some reading glasses. No, MyEyes, you can't have glasses, and you will draw micro pics. Yes, you will.

And then I began the illustrations. They started out in pencil. They will probably become ink. This is the first page:

And then someday I'll post it here, all finished. Probably.

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