chickenshoot (chickenshoot) wrote,

The Real Black Cloud


Last week I was sick, and drove home from the doctor kind of discouraged. I pulled over in a parking lot to make a phone call and read something. When I looked up again, this black cloud had rolled in, and it started sprinkling.

Weird that when I pulled over, the people in the little carnival had been running around trying to set things up... Or maybe they knew I was going to park nearby, so they were closing things down.

Could actually see the cloud moving across what had been a bright sky, and it followed me home. At least the rain did. Everywhere I went the street was dry in front of me, but my car was getting rained on. We parted ways when I went in the house and flipped him off thru the front window.

Sometimes it feels like there a black cloud. Sometimes there really is one. And sometimes you get both.

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